Shine Sequined Shine

30 Nov

How to shine on throughout the season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means upcoming holiday parties to attend to. This can only lead to searching for different holiday party outfits. With the trend of sequin that is dominating the holiday party outfit world, you can’t help to wonder how to wear it without looking like a big shiny disco ball.

There’s plenty of ways to rock the trendy disco ball. Here are some guidelines:
  • Don’t over do it. If you are wearing a sequined shirt, pass on the sequined hat, scarf, jewelry, etc. and vice versa.
  • Start small. Get cozy with a pair of shimmering shoes or clutch before wearing a sparkling sequined dress.
  • Don’t limit sequins to night. Work the shiny discs into your daytime look- perhaps a sequined hair wrap?
Go ahead and shine on through the holiday season.

Two For One: An Idea for a Holiday Gift

29 Nov

You probably seen TOMS shoes before. Whether celebrities or your local neighbors wore it, you have seen them. There’s variety of color and style to choose from. It’s the most comfortable loafers and more than a hot accessory, it’s a movement. The One for One movement means for every pair of shoes that is purchased, a pair of new shoes will be given to a child in need.

Just think about a day it would be if you were barefoot. Forget about getting injured, it would also meet a properly uniform to get into a restaurant, work, or school. Share this wonderful movement to someone in your life by stuffing it in their stockings for the holiday season. You give two needs in one purchase.

At a price point of just around $44 to $98, you can pick up a pair for yourself!

These loafers are sold at stores across the US, including Nordstrom and Whole Foods, but you can get yours online at

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Don’t You Hate…

Your Post Thanksgiving Workout Checklist

28 Nov
Don't you hate when this happens?After a weekend of celebration where it’s the time of the year when you stuff your face until you put yourself into a food coma. Then the long weekend, eating three times a day with the same leftovers. I’m sure as hell will hit the gym starting Monday. A workout is definitely in the plan to get back into my healthy self again. Here are a few things I need to have for a successful workout.
  • Headphone: Recently, I have this weird alternative where I plug my headphones onto the television where my local gym usually provides and watch The Wendy Williams Show to catch up on the latest gossips. This is the only time I can watch television to get up to date, not always true, gossips. Plus, it gets me to go to the gym early in the morning and keeps myself working through the whole hour show.
  • Headband: The annoying feeling around your head besides a buzzing bee is the flyways from your hair strand. When I’m jogging 5K, fixing my hair is the last thing I want to worry about. A headband can support my hair in place with the help to look stylish.
  • Coconut Water: After 90 minutes of bigram yoga, in a room where its hotter than a sunny day. Sweating all the toxics out of my body can only mean adding something good into my body. Vita Coco Coconut water rehydrates my body with electrolytes to avoid muscle cramping. The refreshing drink has the Potassium levels you would expect from a banana. Plus, it’s a delicious low calorie beverage.
I hope you find my workout accessories useful. What do you need to have for a successful workout?
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Step Into These

27 Nov

Since it’s a widely known tradition to receive a new pair of slippers on Christmas morning, I’d like to present to you a pair of slippers that are adorable for any mom or grandma. Take a look at one of my favorite fashion lines, Marc by Marc Jacobs’s, velvet mouse slippers. Don’t you just want to step into them?!


Marc By Marc Jacob

The ultimate velvet slippers feature an adorable mouse face detail at the vamp and on the inside there is a suede sole. It’s comfy and great for being around the house to lounge in. I’m sure that anyone receiving this wonderful gift will slip right into them with a big smile and instantly feel warm and cozy!


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Get Your Geek On


New Home Decor Solution

25 Nov

Fabric Necklaces

Recently, I’ve moved into a new apartment in a small town in New Jersey. I’m absolutely thrilled to have a new place that’s closer to my family and friends, plus it’s a shorter commute to the city. A new apartment means new decoration planning that may stress you out!  I would like to share with you a decorating solution that may help you even if you’re just looking to update your home decor.

The string on my ceiling fan is a bit short, the only way I can turn it on or off is if I stand on top of my bed.  Try tying a beautiful material such as a necklace or curtain rope tiebacks. This way you don’t have to constantly stand on something to reach the switch. Try tying a printed scarf and a piece long jewelry that you’re not using to the string, it can really bring the look in your room together with some chic style.

Do you have any home decor solution to share? Please comment below.

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Winter: Go Bright

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Stockings + Leggings =

24 Nov

Every female has a pair of stockings and leggings in their closet. Put one and one together, what do you get? A fabulous word that I came up with, STEGGINGS. Genius! Why have I not thought of that? Just when you are sick of wearing the two, why not wear one that are already combined? Made of nylon and elastane with a really nice two-tone look they are an effortlessly chic option to have hanging in your closet. Obsessed! Throw these steggings on with a draped jacket, basic tank and rider bike boots.

How obsessed are you?



Winter: Go Bright

21 Nov
We all had been a victim of it. Wearing mostly dark palettes accessories, clothing and make-up when the temperate is dropping. We can’t help the fact when the weather changes, our moods change as well. For this we tend to stay in more often than usually which tends to barely seeing our friends or family.
Why is it when it comes to the summer weather, we tend to wear bright clothing. Our moods are much happier. The thought of wearing something bright yellow in the middle of winter seems a little off, but if it may change our mood which may encourage us to be more uplifting. Then I’ll say yellow American Appeal lemon-hued carry-all pouch.


The eye catching pouch will lighten any outfit even on the gloomiest days. Maybe it will lighten your mood too? Go bright in winter? Say yes to yellow!
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